que(e)ry collective

Established in Fall 2018, que(e)ry is Columbia University’s first undergraduate Queer and Feminist Theory workshop and journal. que(e)ry was founded from a desire to immerse ourselves further in an intellectual field that ignites our curiosity while theorizing from the identities we hold dear.

Queer theory is a branch of critical theory that has emerged out of multiple academic and cultural contexts, including women’s studies, sexuality studies, race and ethnicity studies, postcolonialism, post-structuralism, radical activist movements, and more. Queer theory seeks to explore texts through a queer lens, as well as to theorize about meanings of “queerness” itself and how it can be used to critique not only hegemonic understandings of sexuality and gender, but also economic systems and political structures. Our publications have explored norms and expectations in transgender diagnostic standards, the place of sexuality within post-socialist China and contemporary neocolonial encroachment in Haiti and plan on engaging many more!

To have your work included in future publications or for more information, please contact que(e)ry at [email protected]. To sign up for the que(e)ry newsletter for future updates and events, visit tinyurl.com/queerylistserv.

Past Issues

Link to Vol. 1.1 on issuu: que(e)ry vol. 1

Link to download Vol. 1.2: que(e)ry vol. 2

Link to Vol. 1.3 on issuu: que(e)ry vol. 3